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Punch! ViaCAD 2D/3D v12

Family Tree Heritage Gold 16

Build Your Family Tree and share Your Family Story with Family Tree Heritage Gold. This new gold version provides exciting, easy to use new features, including a new Descendants View, printing of background images on many charts, improvements to the ability to sync with FamilySearch™ Family Tree, recording non-traditional couple relationships, plus more efficient ways to enter important genealogical data.

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Access over 14 billion historical records, photos, and documents to discover your family’s history for FREE! *

Find important documents for your ancestors, with one click, for seamless searches to the world’s largest genealogy databases. Family Tree Heritage Gold provides the tools for an amazing journey to build your family’s unique history and tell your story. Receiving hints and search results from all sites are free, however accessing some records may require a subscription or fee.*

What’s New in Family Tree Heritage Gold?

  • Descendant’s View at a Glance Up to Six Generations

The Descendants view joins the PedigreeFamilyName ListIndividual, and Timeline view tabs along the top of the program. This gives you another way to view and navigate the records within your database. 

  • Record Same-Sex or Non-Traditional Couple Relationships in addition to Traditional Couple Relationships

Version 16 separates the type of relationship from the status of the relationship. Relationship types now are MarriedNot MarriedCommon Law, and de facto. The status of a relationship can be 'blank', indicating an ongoing relationship, or it could have terminated as Divorced, Separated or Annulled. 

  • Share Custom Events with Anyone in Your Database

Easily share an event with other individuals in your database quickly with all the other members of your family, without having to individually add the event to each record. 

  • Add Background Images on Charts

Place the background image of your choice on reports for Pedigree, Fan, Ancestry (Standard and Wall chart), Descendant (Standard, Wall chart and Dropline chart), Line of Descent, Calendar, and Timelines. 

  • Share Scrapbook Items by Adding Just Once & Share

Select any image (or other scrapbook item), which is a part of the Scrapbook of one record in your file and share the media item with the scrapbook of other records in your file. 

  • Add or Remove Country Names

Easily add Country names, such as add “United States” to all states or remove “United States” or “Canada” from all states or provinces. 

  • LDS Ordinances (Confirmation/Initiatory)

Record LDS ordinances of LDS Confirmation and Initiatory in the same form with other LDS ordinances.

Enhanced Features in Family Tree Heritage Gold

  • Tags

Easily Adjust Tags for Any Ancestor

  • Multiple Databases

View all Files (they stack) when you work with Multiple Databases

  • MapIt

Select from several online mapping services

  • Family Search Syncing

Upload or Download Data with Family Search Syncing Improvements

  • Scrapbook Items

Move Scrapbook Items and share with other Records in your File

Family Tree Maker Customer?
Seamlessly export your data files from Family Tree Maker into Family Tree Heritage in two easy steps. Search directly from Family Tree Heritage if you are an subscriber.

Rich Features in Family Tree Heritage Gold

Have you ever wished that someone could do your research for you? TreeTips™ is an innovative technology built into Family Tree Heritage that displays hints for possible records about your ancestors. TreeTips combines the hinting capabilities of FamilySearch (based in Utah, with over 5 billion searchable records) and Findmypast (based in England, with nearly 3 billion searchable records), along with advanced searching of (based in Utah, with over 20 billion records) and MyHeritage (based in Israel, with over 6 billion searchable records).

Memories Manager
New! Link Family Tree Heritage to FamilySearch records. Quickly and easily exchange your scrapbook items with the Memories on FamilySearch. You can easily link your scrapbook items to the images on FamilySearch, and share your information and images with others!

Direct Access to Powerful Genealogy Sites
Family Tree Heritage is fully integrated with the new FamilySearch Family Tree, Myheritage, and Findmypast. Import records directly and build your family tree quickly.
 No subscription required for worldwide searches
 Search 14 billion records with 1-click from the software

Language Options
Get started quickly with a friendly user interface and options for English, French, Spanish, and German. Choose the language you wish to use.

Powerful Genealogy Design Tools
Create colorful trees, heirloom-quality charts, reports and family books that will be cherished by your family members now and in future years, with Family Tree Heritage’s genealogy design tools. Share your family’s story at family reunions and online.

Interactive Research Timeline
Uncover clues to discover more information about your ancestors and family history. Find events that may have affected your ancestors, such as a war or immigration issue. These events will refer you to additional resources to learn more about your ancestors. There are several pre-designed event groups to choose from and you may also add your own events. The Timeline view is interactive: click on names, dates, and places to see how it responds. A Timeline report is available for printing.

Tag your ancestor similarities, such as geographic location, medical conditions, and more! Create your own set of Tags and assign up to three Tags to individuals in your database. The tags display on various screens and reports in Family Tree Heritage. Easily Adjust Tags for Any Ancestor.

Color Coding
Quickly identify individuals and family lines on your family tree. This four-color filing system allows you to add background colors to the name boxes for individuals and/or family lines. The color coding displays on various screens and reports, allowing you to track individuals from the maternal and paternal sides of your mother and father’s ancestors.

Design Trees, Charts & Reports!
Create colorful trees, heirloom-quality charts, reports and family books that will be cherished by your family members now and in future years. Easily add background images on charts.

Four-Color Fan Charts
You can generate a Four-Color Fan Chart and include siblings of the first generation in the chart. Create any number of charts for your family.
• Ancestry Charts
• Descendant Charts
• Family Charts
• Pedigree Fan Charts
• Large Wall Charts
• Pedigree Charts

More Features than Any Other Genealogy Program!
• Lists & Calendars
• Records & Reports
• Advanced Management Reports
• Collaboration Tools
• User-Friendly Interface
• Share on Flash or Thumb Drive
• 1-Click Search to 14+ Billion Records
• Advanced Features
• Color Coding to ID Generations
• Interactive Research Timeline
• Tagging
• Updated FamilySearch Database
• Family Books & Scrapbooks

More Information
System Requirements

Runs on Catalina and Big Sur
• OS X 10.13 to 11.1 (onwards)
• Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2 GHz or better (2.4 GHz recommended) processor
• 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
• 64 MB Video RAM (256 MB video RAM recommended)
• DVD-ROM drive
• Available Hard Disk Space: Install requires about 1 GB. Downloadable clip art and templates can require up to 36 GB of hard drive space.
• Broadband Internet connection required
• Keyboard and mouse
Additional Information:
• Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Mac® OS X.
• The user is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges.
System Settings:
• Monitor Resolution: 1152 x 864 or higher
Recommended Additional Equipment:
• Printer
• Digital Camera

Windows PC: Microsoft® Windows® 11, Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 • 100 MB Hard Disk Space • 800 x 600 or higher display • Internet Access
Windows Tablet: Windows 10, 8 • 100 MB Hard Disk Space • Keyboard recommended • Internet Access
* Records may require memberships to genealogy Web sites. Free trial subscriptions are included and may require credit card authorization. Genealogy records and Web sites that support genealogy records are subject to change.

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