ViaCAD 2D/3D v12 + ViaCAD Tips, Tricks and Tutorials + CADSymbols v14 + TurboProject v7

The ViaCAD Productivity Bundle is an amazing value! With a value of nearly $440, it includes our most popular selling CAD title with 2D/3D CAD application along with the training ebook to assist you in learning to use the software through hundreds of tips and tutorials, millions of CAD symbols, and a project management program to keep your project organized and on time.

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The ViaCAD Productivity Bundle includes our most popular selling CAD title, ViaCAD 2D/3D, along with the training ebook to assist you in learning to use the software and increase your productivity, millions of CAD symbols, and a project management program to keep your project organized and on time.

ViaCAD 2D/3D

Precision 3D Design for Beginners, Experts, and Everyone In-between

Intelligent, easy-to-use design tools coupled with an unbeatable price to performance ratio makes ViaCAD 2D/3D™ the ideal choice for CAD designers everywhere. 

The power of 3D design has never been easier. ViaCAD 2D/3D offers an amazing marriage of 2D and 3D design tools to turn your ideas into reality. Quickly toggle between 2D and 3D views and create files for popular 3D printers, 2D/3D architectural plans, mechanical plans, electrical schematics, furniture designs, and anything else you can dream up. ViaCAD 2D/3D will even automatically convert imported 3D models into 2D drawings and you can then quickly create detail, section, and auxiliary views - all while working in 2D. 

Top Features

Powerful 3D tools such as mesh, surface, and solid modeling, blending, chamfering, and shelling

  • 3D printing verification tools
  • Extensive 2D drafting tools (text, dimensions, 3D to 2D drawing generation tools, bill of materials)
  • LogiCursor™ allows drawing precisely with your mouse and cursor in both 2D and 3D. It thinks as you draw. 

Powerful Solid Modeling

ViaCAD provides solid modeling technology found in much higher end products. There is a unique tie between 2D and 3D; which means you can edit 2D profiles used to create 3D objects and the 3D shape will automatically update.

  • Feature-based History Tree for editing
  • Powerful 3D editing tools such as blending, chamfering, and shelling
  • A complete design tool with extrusions, Booleans, surface modeling for more complex smooth surfaces
  • Precise geometry suitable for ‘concept to manufacturing'
  • Tools to create 3D from 2D shapes 

2D Drafting and Documentation

A complete set of 2D drawing tools is provided for drafting documents and sketching schematics, floor plans, mechanical designs and more.

  • 26 industry-standard dimension styles
  • 275+ tools for 2D drafting and editing
  • Tools to create Section Views to highlight important drawing features
  • Automatically generate 2D drawings from 3D models
  • Bill of Materials for tracking 

Additional Features:

Creating 3D models is easy with ViaCAD™, regardless of the design's complexity. The LogiCursor™ will guide your cursor to help you create drafting documents or even align points in 3D. Editing is as easy as drag and drop with the Gripper™.

  • The Gripper provides click and drag style editing for moving, copying, scaling and rotating parts of the drawing, even faces.
  • Customizable Grids can be configured as rectangular, polar (circular), and even Isometric.
  • 26,000 symbols are included to speed up your designing!
  • The LogiCursor™ allows drawing precisely with your mouse and cursor in both 2D and 3D, aligning your cursor with existing points in your drawing. 

ViaCAD™ is built with professional level technology providing speed, precision, and compatibility.

Now a 64- bit application for both the PC and Mac, ViaCAD™ provides a smoother workflow allowing for faster drawing, manipulation and larger projects. Compatibility with AutoCAD ™ 2018 and other products means you can share your designs with others. Using ACIS™-based geometry means you are creating with the same technology used by others using software that costs thousands of dollars.

  • Includes 19 file formats to share your designs.
  • Compatible with AutoCAD™ 2018 DXF/DWG
  • SketchUp 2018
  • Includes STL export for 3D Printing

3D Printing Tools

ViaCAD 2D/3D now includes 3D printing tools to prepare and validate your designs to make them 3D printer ready.

3D Print Check

This tool checks a part for print viability, displaying warnings or errors to the user. 

ViaCAD Tips, Tutorials, and Techniques

 400+ Tips to Boast Your Productivity with ViaCAD

Newly updated for v11, The ViaCAD Tips, Tutorials, and Techniques book provides you with a fast and easy path to becoming a ViaCAD expert. Filled with helpful tips from the program’s creator and including step-by-step tutorials to teach you how to use the software in the best way possible. This book will put you on the fast track to increased productivity when creating digital models with ViaCAD. It covers all aspects of ViaCAD including User Interface, 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Data Sharing, and the PowerPack plugin.

This second edition adds 140 new tips, four new tutorials, plus new sections on 3D Printing, Constraints, and PowerPack.

CADSymbols v13

Over 30 Million CAD Symbols

Speed design and improve productivity with CADsymbols®, the most extensive collection of standard parts and symbols available. It contains over 30 million symbol drawings and models in 2D/3D view and freely revolving 3D models. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to directly download complex symbols into their drawings instead of create them from scratch.

  • Architectural Symbols
  • Mechanical Symbols
  • Electronic Symbols
  • Electrical Symbols 

TurboProject Professional

Stay in Control with TurboProject Professional

TurboProject Professional offers the most comprehensive project management software tools on the market. Create calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts in minutes, then assign resources and tasks, and check them off as they get completed. It’s everything you need for managing multiple projects and cross functional teams.

Practical Planning with Unbeatable Power

Whether you're managing your own day to day activities, or an entire project team, you get flexibility in planning a project and the power to bring it to completion—ahead of budget, ahead of schedule. TurboProject Professional’s unique combination of Top-Down and Loose Layout planning, coupled with unlimited undo and redo capability allow project managers greater flexibility when it comes to planning and tracking.

Superior Functions Save Time

This enterprise project management software includes professional tools such as resource and activity views, automatic over allocation warnings, split and recurring activity scheduling, property templates for presentation quality output, Import/Export to MicrosoftProject®, web output and more. These superior functions reduce the time you spend creating and maintaining project plans, so you can spend more time executing your plans!

Communicating Project Plans Has Never Been Easier

TurboProject Professional v7 makes sharing information simple with Microsoft Project®. .MPD File Compatibility and Publish To Web features. 

Support and Compatibility

  • Tools for brainstorming project activities and determining the quickest possible finish date
  • Ability to assign people responsible for any activity or deliverable
  • Presentation-Quality Output of Views and Tables
  • Single or Multiple Project Support
  • Choice of Novice or Advanced Interface
  • Publish to PDF
  • Distribute and Combine Project Phases
  • Hyperlink to Documents, Files, and Web links
  • Integrates with DropBox
  • Windows 10 Compatibility
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