Punch! Home & Landscape Design Studio v21 - Mac

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Studio v21 - Mac

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Express v22 - Download - Windows

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Express v22 - Download - Windows

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v21 - Mac

Design beautiful outdoor living spaces with the best landscape design software! Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials Version 21! provides a complete set of tools to plan, design, and visualize your outdoor spaces. Design your landscaping with drop-in landscaping, or create your own with the extensive plant library. Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials will help you choose the right plants for your area. Build the perfect deck from the ground up, or remodel and renovate your existing exterior spaces. Easily add pre-made outdoor kitchens, water features, custom fences, pathways, and even a pool. Punch! Landscape Design Essentials makes designing and planning your landscape easier than ever before!

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Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials Overview:

Designing that dream home has never been simpler! Whether designing from the ground up; remodeling; or renovating; Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essential will help bring that dream home to life! It's easy to get started with the QuickStart feature that can quickly drag and drop rooms to complete the layout.

Create your own home design plan to renovate; redecorate; remodel or update your home inside and out.

Save time and money by visualizing your designs in 2D and 3D and estimating costs before you begin.

Includes how-to video tutorials, a user forum, and technical support to provide help when needed.

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essential includes an integrated interactive help system to make finding and using the right tool fast and easy for professional or serious DIY home projects. It also comes with helpful training center video tutorials and technical support to ensure the process is as enjoyable as it is efficient.

What's New!

2D Plan Detailing:

Punch v21 now provides extensive detailing tools suitable for annotating site plans, floor plans, elevation views, and providing other details required for proper construction and permits. These new tools include Window and Door labels, and Note Markers. In addition, numerous improvements to line styles and fill patterns provide a greater ability to annotate and call out regions and areas of the drawing. All essential in accurately communicating design intent.

Line Styles:

Ability to add labels to line styles.

Note Markers:

Identify building specifications such as framing requirements, pier locations, etc.

Note Marker


Window and Door Labels:

Add custom labels for use, for example, in identifying manufacturer name or model/part number.

Window and door labels


2D Object Detailing:

Fill Patterns:

Newly added patterns, and a new rotate pattern option. 

Fill Pattern Library:

Expandable through downloadable content.

Fill patterns

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Punch Software Home Design Landscape Punch Software Home Design Landscape Punch Software-Home Design Landscape

Plant Library:

Includes a full selection of flowers, shrubs, and trees you can add to your design. You can also add your own favorite plants to the database!


  • PlantFinder™ searches plants for your area, using parameters you specify, ensuring growing success.

  • Sorting feature lets you select growing parameters, international zones, sunlight, climate, water, and soil conditions.

  • Photo-realistic images of real-world plants that can be viewed from any angle.

  • Color-coded zone maps make plant selection easy and foolproof.

Punch Software Plant Selection
Punch Software Plant Finder Punch Software Layer Punch Software plant import

Plant Growth:

Plan smart! Plan your design and see it grow over time. Perfect for previewing shade.

Punch Software Plant Growth Punch Software Plant Growth Punch Software Plant Growth
Punch Software Hardscapes


Build dramatic retaining walls that define and accent your home. Choose stone, brick, or other materials. Then add your plantings to finish the look.




  Architectural Series v21
Punch! Home Design Punch! Home Design Punch! Home Design Punch! Home Design
3D Custom Workshop Pro
Additional 2D/3D modeling tools
Callout Tool    
Stunning Visualization & Rendering!
Custom Object Light, Skylight
Fill Patterns
Fill Pattern Library
Interoperability Enhancements
Level Lines
Line Styles
Note Markers
Plan Labels
Window and Door Labels
2D House Plans 1000 500 250
Custom Workshop Pro

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Macintosh® OS 10.14 through 11.01 or higher, Intel® Core™ Duo processor or faster, 256MB VRAM, 3.5 GB Hard Disk Space, 1GB RAM, DVD-ROM, 1024x768 millions of colors display resolution, keyboard, and mouse.