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Designing your Dream Home Using Punch Software eBook by Patricia Gamburgo - Download - PDF

Turn your dream home vision into a well-designed plan!

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Designing your Dream Home Using Punch Software

Designing Your Dream Home is the answer to the countless questions that home owners find themselves asking during the design of their projects. This new eBook is the perfect companion to Pat's Training eBooks.

  • Renown architect Patricia Gamburgo provides her knowledge and expertise in home design and landscaping
  • Review the design concepts and conflicts by reading and visualizing them in 2D and 3D Using Punch! Software.
  • Tips and ideas to maximize spaces as well as to prevent costly mistakes.
  • More than 200 pages and 475 images to guide you.

"After many years of receiving questions and requests from users asking for a guide on how they can properly design their dream home, I am ecstatic to be able to provide the answers and solutions with this book."

- Patricia Gamburgo, Architect & AIA International Associate


Find and avoid conflicts with Doors, Stairs, Bathrooms, etc.

Entry Door Conflict
Stairs Usage Areas
Bathroom Door Conflict

Learn about the necessary and minimum dimensions and clearances for a kitchen design

Kitchen Dimensions

Evaluate the characteristics of your openings

Openings Dimensions

Define the Architectural Style for your houses and outdoor spaces

Adobe V18
Normandy Style V18 new
Rustic Natural

Study the different aspects of the building envelope

Building Envelope

Inspect the different Green options such as modulating materials, energy efficient solutions, etc.

Block layout
More Information
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