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Learning Punch! Software: Training, Tools & Tutorials for V19 - Windows Version - by Patricia Gamburgo

Learning Punch! Software: Training, Tools & Tutorials for V19 - Windows Version - by Patricia Gamburgo

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Product Information

Become a Punch! v19 Expert Power User

Discover the true potential of the new Punch! version, inside and out

Training with industry-leading Architect and Punch! software expert, Patricia Gamburgo, will lead the way to your success. Tap into her expert knowledge and proven methods that lead to results.

See what's new in Learning Punch! Software® Training, Tools & Tutorials for v19

Mastering Punch! software is easier than ever with this new eBook from Patricia Gamburgo! Updates and additions in the Learning Punch! Software: Training, Tools & Tutorials v19 eBook include:

  • A new eBook with 480 pages and more than 1000 images dedicated to the latest Punch V19 for Windows version.
  • All the new features are detailed and explained.
  • NEW: a new feature in Pat's eBooks: the Screen Guides. Browse through images of the most important screens of your program, then click on the desired feature and you will be directed to the exact topic in the eBook!
  • NEW: learn how to get the best results using the new Material Editor.
  • NEW: explore how to add automatic Shutters to your windows.
  • NEW: all the libraries' formats and organization reviewed with descriptions and images, including how to create and use the new Plant Symbol Library.
  • NEW: create cross sections of your project using the new and powerful 3D Cutaway Tool.
  • NEW and current features examined with updated images reflecting the updated User's Interface and Preferences.
  • NEW: get the best results of the new features such as Doors, Dormers Walls, and much more.
  • NEW! More content including the new user interface simplified by Pat's best practice advice.

  • NEW! Each new feature is detailed and explained.
  • NEW! Learn how to access, customize, and organize the content libraries through detailed descriptions and images.

  • NEW! Auto roof tool, dormers and walls tools analyzed with graphic guides.

  • NEW! Current and new features examined with updated images reflecting the new User's Interface.
  • NEW! infographics simplifying the concepts' visualization (structures, rendering, tools, etc.) Tematic visual guides
  • NEW! rendering and visualization guides and tips

With Learning Punch! Software: Training, Tools & Tutorials in hand, you will be using Punch! like a pro in no time. Patricia Gamburgo makes mastering Punch! software easy and fun.

Take your home, landscape or commercial building project to the next level.

  • Understand how Punch! programs think in an architectural environment
  • Reach for the programs' maximum potential
  • Suitable for homeowners and professionals
  • Advanced search options make finding even the most detailed information easy
  • Training, tools and tutorials put you in charge
  • Covers all titles of Punch Software version 19 for PC
  • Discover how to visualize your interiors and exteriors using 3D rendering

Clear explanations with 1000 color images, plus training guides and tutorials.

Learn best practice methods for design, 2D-3D, building components, importing, exporting, printing and power tools.

  1. How to start a project?
  2. How to insert a picture and landscape it?
  3. How to develop a roof?
  4. How to add structural elements?
  5. How to create an elevation?

Visual guides provide an easy to follow road map.

Topics and tools have links for additional information.

Master the v19 programs

  1. Find out what is most important in a home design program
  2. Explore the difference between 2D and 3D
  3. Discover how to manage building information
  4. Understand tabs, layers, floors and elevations
  5. Learn about starting new projects, walls, roofs, floors, ceilings and decks
  6. Develop topography, landscaping, and structure

Importing, exporting and printing:

  1. Optimizing 3D objects
  2. Setting and enhancing pictures
  3. Using printing and real view

Power tools techniques defined for best use:

  1. Developing objects with the 3D Custom Workshop
  2. Inserting images in 3D with the Photoview Power Tool
  3. Learning to use Designer power tools for ceilings, doors, windows, fences, pools, mantels and trims
Learn to define your constructive elements like a professional

Learn to define your constructive elements like a professional

Learn how to insert pictures using Photoview Power Tool

Learn how to insert pictures using the Photoview Power Tool

From topography to tools, our complete Punch! software training course contains the insights that you need for your next project. Download your Punch! Training, Tools & Tutorials eBooks today.


Requires Punch v19 title. Windows® Vista or higher¹, Intel® or compatible 1.0 GHz processor or higher (multi-core processor supported), 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB or more recommended, 3 GB of Hard Disk Space, VGA Video Card displaying at least 1024x768 with 32-bit color, DVD-ROM drive for media installations only, Mouse with wheel recommended, 256 MB Video Card Memory, Internet access and Internet Service Provider account required² ¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows® Vista or higher. ²User is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges.