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Royalty Free Premium Nature Image Collection

Royalty Free Premium Nature Image Collection

Give your creations a natural look.
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Product Information

Give your creations a natural look. Let your projects come alive with images of nature. Embellish your projects using every artistic style imaginable from sharp photo realism to cartoon whimsy, and even buttons and fabrics. With more than 1,000 beautiful images, the Nature Image Collection is a must-have addition for your image library.

  • Over 1,000 images from nature
  • Artistic styles from realism to cartoons and everything in between
  • All royalty free and suitable for business and personal use

Find just the images you need for all of your scrapbooks, invitations, brochures or other keepsake project creations. Take a sneak peek at all the nature images this premium clip art collection contains.

Animal Kingdom: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! From large to small, you get a great representation of the world of animals in this collection. Be inspired by safari jungle animals, north woods wildlife, domesticated animals, sea animals and more. Noah's ark couldn't hold this huge assortment of furry friends:

Animal Kingdom
  • Safari: Monkeys, Elephant, Hippo, Giraffe, Zebra and Rhino
  • North Woods: Moose, Ferret, Bears, Mice and Paw Prints
  • Domesticated: Cows, Sheep, Lambs, Horses, Pigs, Rabbits, Cats and Dogs
  • Sea Animals: Seal and Walrus
  • More Bears: Teddy Bear, Pandas and Kangaroos

Plants, Plants and More Plants: Freshen up your projects with a touch of live greenery. Decorate your creations with bouquets of lovely plants. From, hard wood forest to wild flowers to fungi, you'll find the plant you were looking for in the Nature Image Collection:

Plants, Plants and More Plants
  • Water Plants: Coral, Seaweed and Lily Pads
  • Edible Plants: Berry Bushes, Fruits, Herbs and Mushrooms
  • Hardwood: Trees, Stumps and Pine cones
  • Other Plants: Vines, Grasses, Flowers, Branches and Wreathes

Birds by the Flock: Let your creativity take flight. Flocks of bird images give you choices galore. Find crows, owls, storks, yellow ducky and chick, mallard, sparrow, flamingo, penguin, pelican, parrot, roosters, and other fine feathered friends.

Birds by the Flock

Bugs and Insects: Creepy, crawly things in your creations? Why not? Call them bugs, call them insects if they have more than four legs, they're represented here. Pick from an assortment of beetles, spiders, bees, flies, butterflies, dragonflies, worms, snails, caterpillars, ladybugs and more.

Bugs and Insects

Reptiles: From charming to frightfully alarming, reptile images dazzle and delight. Put a bit of reptile magic into your creations with frogs, turtles, snakes, alligators, geckos, dinosaur and more.


Boat Loads of Fish: Fish images come aplenty. Reel in a creative catch of crabs, whales, dolphins, star fish, jelly fish sharks, sting ray, octopus, orca/killer whale, sea horse and other aquatic life.

Boat Loads of Fish

Other Animal Things: Nature knows no bounds in the additional images you will discover in the Nature Image Collection. Personalize your projects with nature inspired images, including fishing hat, jacket, ladder, nets, jars, lanterns, tea pot, pliers, car, feed bowls, sea shells, fish bowl, sand castles, bird houses, bird cage, nests, sun, clouds, numbers and people.

Other Animal Things

What You Can and Cannot Do with Royalty Free Image Collection Images

If you are creating designs that you are selling or using as part of your business, than Royalty Free images are for you. Commercial use royalty-free images empower your design possibilities like never before by giving you the ability to sell your designs without worry! These top-quality royalty-free images give you the creative freedom to make whatever you want for just about any purpose you have even for commercial applications. That means you can use this art collection for advertisements, business brochures, posters, professional business cards and other commercial needs. These images are ideal for all of your projects whether for business or personal use. Create just about anything you want without limitations.

*Please note even royalty-free commercial use does include some no-no's. Please refrain from branding, distributing, selling or claiming graphics as your own; redistribution; download distributions; or using graphics in pornographic, racial or harmful material.


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