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Convert your photo slides and negatives to digital format
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Product Information

Don't let your slide memories slip-slide away... New PhotoMaker can protect your slide memories forever.

Those old slides won't wait indefinitely. Slides can get lost or damaged, all too easily. Safeguard your 35mm color or black and white film negatives, or slides from the damage of time. Convert them into new digital formats.

PhotoMaker Protects Memories

Gain peace of mind knowing you have preserved your treasured keepsakes. Make memories captured on slides last for generations to come. With new PhotoMaker, you can scan and save loads of slides fast.

  • One-Touch Capture: Capture photos to your PC at a touch of a button
  • High-Quality: Scan and save to JPEG or TIFF file
  • Final resolution up to 10 megapixels interpolated
  • Photo Editing Menu: Exposure set up, resolution options, black and white or color captures, automatic white balance
  • Supplied with Holders: Supplied with Holders for 35MM negatives and mounted slides

Better Slide Conversions

Turn your slides into top-quality digital formats. The advanced features in PhotoMaker make slide conversions look better than ever. You will be amazed at what you can do!

  • NEW! Preview LCD Screen: Your photo appears in real time before scanning! Your memories instantly appear on the screen!
  • NEW! SD Card Recording: Connect PhotoMaker and scan your photos directly to a memory card, from anywhere!
  • NEW! A Mobile Scanner: Connect PhotoMaker to a power outlet or directly to your computer via USB. Your digital photos are ready to be shared or printed.
  • USB Powered: No external power required.

Slide Conversion Tool Kit

Discover how quick and easy it is to put your slide collection into a digital format. Everything you need to do conversions is included in PhotoMaker.

  • PhotoMaker 2.0 software
  • 35mm Negative Film Holder
  • 35mm Positive Slide Holder
  • Cleaning Brush: Protect your negatives and 35 mm slides while handling them
  • USB Cable
  • AV Cable
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • User's Manual


Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10¹, Pentium processor (or equivalent AMD® processor) 600 MHz or faster, 512MB RAM, 1GB Free Hard Drive Space, DirectX® compatible video card, DirectX® compatible sound card, DirectX® 9.0, DVD-ROM drive, keyboard & mouse. Macintosh® OS X 10.7.2 – 10.11¹, Intel® Core™ Duo processor 1.0 GHz or faster, 512MB RAM, 1GB free hard drive space, 64MB VRAM, sound card, DVD-ROM drive, keyboard & mouse. ¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, and Macintosh® OS X.