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Serif DrawPlus X5

Serif DrawPlus X5

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Product Information

Digital Art and Design Made Easy

DrawPlus X5 is a powerful and versatile graphics studio that is ideal for digital art, illustration, and painting. Its easy-to-use tools provide everything you need to express your creativity. Draw vector art, sketch ideas, design logos & graphics, paint naturally, turn photos into artwork, create animations, plus much more!


DrawPlus is now more powerful than ever thanks to Serif's new Enhanced Drawing and Graphics Engine. EDGE powers every aspect of DrawPlus for superior performance, accuracy, and color handling. Your images will render faster and more accurately with perfect colors so changes to your drawings are instant and your projects will always look great.

You don't need to be an experienced designer to create truly outstanding results!

DrawPlus X5's intuitive interface makes it easy to create outstanding designs in less time. Personalized workspace profiles and sliding tabs can be arranged to suit the way you work and customizable keyboard shortcuts makes it quick to select your favorite tools.


Powerful tools for drawing and painting

DrawPlus' powerful drawing and painting tools are designed to help you capture and enhance your ideas and achieve impressive results. Use a graphics tablet or your mouse to sketch and trace designs then edit lines and apply smoothing to avoid shaky lines.


Instantly draw common shapes then change their color, transparency, and edges or morph any shape to create amazing custom designs. And if you like digital painting, there are lots of natural-looking media brushes like pencil, charcoal and pastels, as well as photo-quality paint splats, glitter, stitching, grass, fire, clouds and more. The pressure settings on your graphics tablet can be calibrated in the built-in Pressure Studio to enhance your natural drawing style.

Design web graphics and animations

Bring your website to life with eye-catching web graphics and animations. Create graphics that are optimized for the web as well as professional-quality buttons and banners with hover and click states.


With DrawPlus, you can make animations, cartoons, screensavers and more using keyframe or stopframe techniques. When you're done, export your animation for the web as Flash®, or share as a QuickTimeTM MOV, WMV or AVI video.

Communicate your ideas

Automatic alignment tools help you to easily create charts, diagrams and plans. Add detail with dimension lines to show the distance between two objects. Create an isometric drawing to scale or make designs 3D instantly. Lighting & surface effects can be applied to any object, including text, to create eye catching posters.


DrawPlus now supports OpenType fonts and super/subscript text attributes, plus you can convert text to curves to individually edit each character. Easily add text along a path simply draw a line or create a shape and allow the text to flow along the path of the outline.

Transform photos

With DrawPlus X5 it's not only possible to edit vector images, you can edit and enhance photos too.

Use dedicated tools designed to help you transform your photos no need to switch to a standalone photo editor. It supports common file formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF as well as Adobe® Photoshop files and Microsoft®HD Photo files.


The built-in PhotoLab can improve portraits with tools for red eye removal, spot repair and non-destructive adjustments like curves and sharpen to make your images look better than ever. Plus, the Cutout Studio makes it easy to extract people and objects from photos, ready for placing them on different backgrounds.

The amazing AutoTrace Studio is great for turning photos into high-quality vectors it's also great if you need to convert logos digitally from paper. Plus, turn pictures into instant art using filter effects that recreate popular styles such as watercolor, expressionism and comic book.

Take your designs to the next level!

DrawPlus X5's powerful tools and features give you the flexibility and precision to create professional-quality artwork in less time. Produce press-ready output with new end-to-end CMYK support and, for designers that want full control and to reduce printing costs, DrawPlus has the ability to show or hide each of the C, M, Y or K plates for color separation. Support for Pantone® color profiles, helps to ensure the colors you use will always look the way you intend them to.


Build up your drawings by using layers to make creating different parts of your drawings easier. Plus, the improved Solo Mode is now multi-level and allows you to work on specific elements of your drawings in isolation, which is great for complex artwork. Combine colors and textures in exciting new ways and create unique, professional artwork and effects.

Highly compatible with help when you need it

Professional compatibility means that DrawPlus X5 has extensive support for high-end graphics formats and gives you the flexibility and confidence to export and share your designs quickly and easily. DrawPlus supports industry standard file formats including PDF, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, SVG as well as all common image types.

Open and edit PDFs without hassle. You can change the text, layout, pages, colors, images and more, and then simply output as a PDF again. Plus, you can use DrawPlus X5's Export Optimizer to preview your designs whilst tweaking export settings to adjust file format, quality, size and transparency.


'How To' guides provide instant on-screen assistance whenever you're in need of help, plus there's a wealth of video and online tutorials for guidance and inspiration.

Buy DrawPlus X5 now!

For drawing, painting, web graphics, Flash® animations and other digital artwork, DrawPlus X5 is the perfect software package. Its power and flexibility mean you don't need to invest in multiple programs. Plus it's easy to use too, so you can produce amazing digital designs and artwork, at any size, regardless of your level of experience.


Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Pentium® processor, 512MB RAM, 850 MB free hard disk space¹, 1024 x 768 display resolution, DVD-Drive, mouse. Notes •Additional disk resources and memory are required when editing large or complex documents. •To enjoy the full benefit of brushes and their textures, you must be using a computer whose processor supports SSE (most modern computers do). On brush selection, an on-screen message will indicate if your computer is non-SSE. Recommended Requirements •Dual-processor PC technology Optional Requirements •Windows-compatible printer •TWAIN-compatible scanner and/or digital camera •Pressure-sensitive pen tablet (Serif GraphicsPad or equivalent) •3D accelerated graphics card with DirectX 9 (or above) or OpenGL support •Internet account and connection required for accessing online resources