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DiskTools Pro 3.8

DiskTools Pro 3.8

Get serious about taking care of your Mac!
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Product Information

DiskTools Pro is a total system utility for the Mac, and the only one that allows you to schedule when to perform important tasks such as file defragmentation, backup and bad sector repair. Other DiskTools Pro features allow you to repair volumes, receive S.M.A.R.T. alerts, test disk integrity, benchmark your volume, analyze drive capacity, repair damaged preference files, monitor your CPU, and more.


  • Easily schedule when to defragment files, repair bad sectors and backup your volume.
  • Run critical maintenance operations overnight or at any other time that you are away from your Mac. You can even set it to shutdown or put your system to sleep when complete.

Create Bootable Backups:

  • Easily copy an entire volume to another destination to keep your system safe.
  • Create bootable backups of your hard disk that can be used to create disk clones, move your running operating system from one disk to another (for example, when replacing a hard disk), or to backup system folders individually.

Supports Multiple Volumes: Run DiskTools Pro on as many volumes as you want simultaneously. This will save you time from having to run tests or repair multiple volumes one at a time.

Tune up your Mac

  • Defragment Your Files!  The more you use your Mac, the more your files get fragmented.  DiskTools Pro safely defragments your files to keep your Mac up to speed.
  • Fix Bad Sectors: Easily find and fix defective sectors on volumes or in individual files
  • Repair Volumes: Quick repair when your applications, files or system are not working right
  • QuickBench:Measure the read and write speeds over an entire local storage device
  • S.M.A.R.T. Alerts: Receive an alert if a drive is about to fail so you can save your files or backup
  • Stress Test your disk integrity to make sure it can handle your workload and remain stable
  • No Boot CD: Run nearly every tool on your boot volume without having to un-mount it first

Benchmark testing

  • Test data transfer integrity
  • Analyze drive capacity to free space on your Mac
  • Repair and maintenance logs
  • Fix and repair multiple volumes simultaneously
  • Run tools on startup volume without a boot CD
  • And more!


Macintosh® OS X 10.4 and higher, PowerPC or Intel® Core Duo processor, 256MB RAM, 512MB free hard drive space, CD-ROM, keyboard, and mouse.